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What does privacy mean to you?

To us, it represents the ethical foundation of business operations

At Managed Privacy Canada, privacy is our mission. We live in a world where privacy has become a rare commodity. This scarcity gives companies that expertly manage privacy a competitive advantage in business, making them the first to earn public respect and the invaluable trust of partners and customers.

Privacy management can be profitable

We believe not just that effective privacy management is necessary for ethical business practices, but there are numerous advantages to adopting privacy. Customers who know that a business will protect their privacy have more trust and are more loyal. We continue to innovate and evolve the idea of how privacy compliance can seamlessly integrate with ethical business practices as clients demonstrate professional integrity and foster customer trust.

Privacy management can be beautiful

We develop privacy programs that keep personal information secure while meeting important data protection compliance requirements. All it takes is a guided phone consultation and expert-led workshop that constitutes Practical Privacy Playbook. Your Playbook™ includes a list of practical recommendations and an actionable plan to manage your privacy more effectively.

The Practical Privacy Playbook™ is your first step to professional and ethical privacy management

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Your privacy management advisors

Claudiu Popa, CEO of Managed Privacy Canada

Claudiu Popa


Claudiu is a trusted risk advisor of corporate boards, with an extraordinary track record of cyber risk consulting at the highest levels and an impeccable origin story of success in information security and compliance consulting for enterprises across all industry sectors. When it comes to information privacy, data security and even cyberfraud, he literally wrote the book on these topics.

Amalia Barthel

Co-founder of MPC

Amalia has been in the Privacy compliance and engineering space for 16+ years. She is a passionate advocate for protecting personal data of individuals. Amalia has helped multinational companies as well as small and medium-size clients with assessing and building privacy compliance programs uniquely suitable for each client.

Scott Smith, Public Policy Specialist

Scott Smith

Public Policy Specialist

Scott Smith is a government relations strategist and a business and industry public policy specialist.

Anindita Bose, Privacy Consultant

Anindita Bose

Privacy Consultant

As a passionate advocate for privacy, cyber security, knowledge management and UXD, Anindita supports KCF’s privacy operations. To enable the good work of KCF, Anindita brings her skills and experiences from a variety of sectors to work closely with the KCF leadership team to drive key initiatives.

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