Best Privacy and Security Advice: Train your employees to understand the technology they use!

September is Admin Privacy Awareness month!

It is certainly clear that the move to work from home has created some shifts, new processes, and possibly a whole lot more “admin” work than before.

Organizations large and small still have a lot of disconnects and a lot of manual processes. And when this happens, staff are either not trained or not sure how to apply the company policies in practice.

When we refer to admin or “manual” tasks, let’s be clear: employees are still using technology (with some exceptions where paper is still being used). Which is why this blog post is dedicated to understanding technology.

A lot of government services and businesses are now accessible only through telephone, internet (Contact us) or  mail. We don’t see what system the other side is looking at, or what data.

But do employees know:

  • where the data is coming from
  • the consequences of taking data out of the system
  • updating the wrong data field
  • the impact on an individual when someone points to the wrong data source

Too many times we see a poorly designed Customer Service system: we can submit a request but it’s impossible to reverse it and there is a charge on top.

Technology poorly understood is as bad as technology poorly implemented.

Companies need to train their employees on:

  • the correct functionality within the application or system
  • the correct privacy and security settings within

Both these dimensions are equally important because they could invalidate the intent of the outcome that the system or application provides.

As technologies, such as automation, drive improved productivity, organizations will need employees with both higher levels of skill and broader attributes – emotional intelligence, for example, as well as technical prowess.

One of the biggest mistakes organizations can make is to ignore training employees on the correct and appropriate use of technology.

Safeguarding personal information starts with understanding the application or pieces of technology where that data resides. Conducting sessions with the business to make them understand their own data flows should be on every Business Leader’s Agenda.

If the business understands how they can miss out by ignoring the value of information or not protecting it inside the technology and outside, they will automatically implement privacy and security best practices.

If your organization is looking to understand the uses of technology, look no further:  MPC has the expertise and a practical approach to help, with the Practical Privacy Playbook(™) and a large array of privacy services geared to uncover where the data is and what are the correct uses of technology for your company to gain productivity and maintain trust with employees and customers alike.


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