Data Privacy Week – Day 3: Data Privacy Day during a Pandemic

Unprecedented times challenge organizations to rise to the occasion

Privacy has evolved and every year with the celebration of Data Privacy Day, we get to see a lot of innovations and accomplishments in this ever-changing landscape. But this year is special. It has witnessed the most transformation and the need for privacy compliance has become inescapable.

We wish to dedicate this article to highlight our passion and interest to advance and grow the privacy profession.

Managed Privacy Canada was founded on a simple vision: help Canadian SMBs with their privacy compliance obligations. This involves the entire community surrounding our hard working small and medium businesses.

In our inaugural article, we recognized that SMBs in Canada (and other countries) are the lifeblood of the economy. The Department of Science and Economic Development Canada acknowledges the compliance burden on the small and medium-sized organizations. During pandemic times, with all the lockdowns and restrictions, their resources are stretched to the breaking point.

With this backdrop, Managed Privacy Canada is thrilled to extend a hand to aspirants in the privacy field and find avenues to immerse them in the world of privacy compliance. Following the launch of the Privacy Mentoring Program with the ISACA Toronto Chapter, we have opened our arms and knowledge to additional mentees who did not qualify for the Chapter program.

Being staunch privacy professionals, helping this industry grow by encouraging, mentoring and preparing professionals to grow their privacy wings, is part of our mission.  This is also in complete alignment with our growth strategy. The new wave of privacy professionals also bring with them fresh perspectives and passion which  are essential to supporting our Canadian SMBs in their understanding on how to handle personal information in an ethical and compliant manner.

Our mentees who volunteer with Managed Privacy Canada are invited to:

  • Help us write white papers, articles and participate in our responses to calls for consultation
  • Learn privacy compliance tools which are now essential for any privacy professional
  • Contribute and support non-profits
  • Attend our courses and learn about various aspects of privacy compliance
  • Upgrade their resumes and knowledge so that they can successfully find roles suitable to their goals in the privacy profession

In addition, Managed Privacy Canada is supporting the Knowledgeflow Cybersafety Foundation, a nonprofit education organization dedicated to making technology safe for the use of children, students and other vulnerable categories of individuals. Our mentees are invited to participate (if they wish so) in educational curriculum and processes for our children and youth so that one day we can all have a safe, ethical and positive internet presence.

From fighting misinformation on the internet #NotOnMYinternet, advocating for tougher rules for privacy and security in EdTech companies, delivering presentations for school board staff and in-class (virtual now) to educate children and youth on the safe use of the Internet, KnowledgeFlow is focused on raising awareness with parents, youth, children and elderly on scams, safe internet rules and great cyber hygiene.

Managed Privacy Canada is proud to support grass-roots initiatives that are raising generations of privacy and cybersafety aware citizens of the world. By doing so, we help our communities learn the value of fair competition, safe internet, anti-cyber bullying.

Our future generations will not have to think about privacy and security – they will come second nature to them and they will take these behaviors and values with them in the businesses of tomorrow.

If you are interested in advancing your career in the privacy management field and you are passionate about learning and paying it forward, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or [email protected]

Happy Data Privacy Week!

Stay Safeā€¦ Physically and virtually.

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