Have Lysol? What about Privacy? Will travel

July is hospitality privacy month

The first priority of hotels when the Pandemic hit was hygiene, understandably so. Marriott International  identified 12 touch points for extra disinfectant, including doorknobs, thermostats, door handles and drawer knobs.

Hilton rolled out its CleanStay campaign, which leaves guests “guessing” which familiar objects will be missing. “They will see that some of the items in the room that could likely be fingerprinted by previous guests — magazines, notepads, pens — those items have been removed from the room.”

In this second pandemic summer, we see the hospitality industry opening up largely due to vaccination efforts to get us closer to lesser transmission of infection.

While hotels and resorts need to get close to at least 80% occupancy as a priority, they realize that cleanliness and hygiene are the top priority of tourists along with the privacy of their health and vaccination information

The hospitality industry has been stopped in its tracks by this pandemic but it is not all bad. This time has been invaluable to allow for rethinking and retooling. Projects related to updating old technology and untangling the massive repositories of information have resurfaced. New Pandemic protocols and ways of working to promote remote work, means introducing new and unknown technology into the hands of employees who are not used to it.

If the strategy is well executed, we see both the tourists and the hotel industry winning:

  • enabling secure connectivity from home to corporate applications,
  • promote zero trust and endpoint protection,
  • additional efforts in security and privacy training and awareness, given new threats emerging from the workforce move from the office to home
  • hygiene inside out and throughout: room cleanliness, privacy around listening devices and web conferences, but also rethinking:
    • privacy by design in data lakes
    • accurate inventories of personal data
    • purging old and stale data (focus on quality vs. quantity) to stay ahead of ransomware
    • using new technology to enforce privacy controls
    • Priv and SecDevOps
    • aligning Privacy practices with the website Privacy Notices
  • implementing and enforcing strong data governance around PCR testing and vaccination passports
  • practicing practical privacy management and hygiene in the personal data collection, uses and sharing

To support your efforts, Managed Privacy Canada has created the Practical Privacy Playbook to make privacy “fit” for a pandemic and help you embed good practices and a common-sense approach that meets tourists and guests expectation of privacy and physical stay hygiene. Download our Practical Privacy Playbook today and gain Privacy Anytime, Anywhere™ support:

Website: www.ManagedPrivacy.ca
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ManagedPrivacy
Instagram: @managedprivacycanada
Twitter: @managedprivacy

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