How to stay the privacy course even when the technology does everything you wanted it to do?

September is Admin Privacy Awareness month!

Organizations who are successful at implementing privacy practices recognize that it is a lot easier to work with structured repositories, where the privacy principles follow some sort of an implementation pattern. An organization can learn from one implementation and apply it to the next application or technology, with some tweaks or even improvements.

But what happens when data is everywhere? Do technology implementation leads learn privacy lessons from previous implementations and avoid future mistakes?

And why is data everywhere when we provided applications to the business?

In our previous article we stated that “Technology poorly understood is as bad as technology poorly implemented.But there is another dimension that is not often talked about.

Employees expect technology to solve everything….and then they have a big letdown moment

After this moment of disappointment (and it could be that technology was not implemented right or with all the right modules or bells and whistles) they look for an escape. How are they going to gain back their productivity outside the application? How are they going to supplement that functionality or output which is missing so they can do their work?

While the internal Privacy Policy states the same rules, regardless of the repository type or format (electronic, hard copy, cloud, etc.) it is difficult for employees to extrapolate and this is where risk creeps in.

As recently as yesterday, Salesforce announced the integration of Slack into its suite of products, together with MuleSoft and Quip products obtained through previous acquisitions. Sales reps can now share a number of files through Slack and customers of retail companies will be able to use Slack to update and resolve issues with orders.

So, now the technology does everything the sales force wanted to do and more, but the line of privacy is getting blurred.

One purpose of processing becomes a new one and files with personal information keep being shared up the chain.

Safeguarding personal information starts with understanding the application or pieces of technology part of the workflow. Conducting sessions with the business to make them understand their own data flows should be on every Business Leader’s Agenda.

If your organization is looking to understand the lawful uses of technology, look no further:  MPC has the expertise and a practical approach to help, with the Practical Privacy Playbook(™) and a large array of privacy services geared to uncover where the data is and what are the correct uses of technology for your company to gain productivity and maintain trust with employees and customers alike.

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