Managed Privacy Canada Partners with Finland’s PrivacyAnt Software to Automate Privacy by Design for Small and Mid-size Enterprises

PrivacyAnt’s intelligent solutions empower North American SMEs to tackle the privacy engineering challenges of changing legislation.

Toronto and Helsinki, January 27, 2021 /PR/ Corporate and consumer privacy protection has changed in the age of COVID-19. From calibrating business data collection to determining the impact of contact tracing, public interest in privacy during the pandemic has soared. According to Statistics Canada, COVID-19 has had a transformational impact on communities, with excess mortality statistics, mental health and consent abuses rising in a short period of time. (MPC) has based its latest privacy report on key numbers available from Statistics Candada’s data dashboard to determine the following corporate trends:

  • Increased data inventory activity
  • Added scrutiny of vendors and service providers
  • Requirements for on-demand privacy expertise

MPC’s Director of Privacy Compliance and Partnerships Amalia Barthel, CIPM, CIPT, CDPSE announced the integration of PrivacyAnt Software is a scalable SaaS solution that offers a cloud hosted privacy dashboard into the company’s suite of privacy management solutions: “With this alliance, ManagedPrivacy Canada is excited to offer corporate clients a new, next generation privacy dashboard that facilitates privacy assessments, data inventory and breach investigation activities.”

Based in Helsinki, Finland, PrivacyAnt Software offers a digital dashboard that offers single pane visibility into corporate privacy initiatives and supports the privacy function with integrated visuals. PrivacyAnt Co-Founder and CEO Jane Tahvanainen: “Our platform is built for assessing how your different products, services and processes comply with the selected criteria, and to design new ones with our privacy engineering module. All documentation is linked together so you can see immediately how different changes in your processing activities will impact the privacy of your customers, clients or employees.”

PrivacyAnt Software is available with monthly and annual subscriptions to the MPC’s suite of privacy management solutions, from on-demand privacy support to compliance program management.

About PrivacyAnt (

Co-founded by Heikki Tolvanen, Jane Tahvanainen, and Pekka Lampelto in 2015, PrivacyAnt Software is a privacy management platform built and designed by data protection experts. It helps companies from big to small in their journey to reach desired compliance level with various data protection laws such as the EU GDPR, US CCPA and Canada’s federal privacy legislation, PIPEDA.

PrivacyAnt Software can be used for demonstrating compliance and illustrating your commitment to privacy to various stakeholders such as clients, data protection authorities or your management team. Instead of just having a list of processing activities, illustrate visually how personal information is being processed by your different departments, subsidiaries or third party vendors.

Pekka Lampelto, Business Director
email: [email protected]

PrivacyAnt Ltd.
Franzéninkatu 21, 00500 Helsinki, Finland

About Managed Privacy Canada (MPC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Datarisk Canada. Established in 1989, Informatica is Canada’s first cybersecurity-assurance-as-a-service, focused on innovative solutions within diverse privacy and security sectors as healthcare, finance, education, industrial, technology and government.

Media Information

Claudiu Popa, CEO/Principal Risk Advisor
email: [email protected]

C/O: Informatica Security Corporation
IN: Ontario Major Dailies

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