Partner With MPC

Are you a privacy professional or know someone who requires privacy management services? Contact us to find out how you can join with MPC as a partner.

Join the privacy movement.

When you partner with MPC, you are joining a movement to make the world a better place through greater privacy management.

Professional solutions

Whether you’re a privacy professional or simply an advocate, we can help your audience with professional solutions to compliance problems.

Trustworthy management.

If your client requires professional, trustworthy privacy management solutions, consider our Affiliate and Champion partnership levels.

Privacy Affiliate

Refer business and profit

Privacy Affiliates earn a finder’s fee when they refer customers to us. You can make money while having an impact in the cybersecurity and privacy worlds by becoming a Privacy Affiliate.

Privacy Champion

Make MPC a part of your tech stack

Are you looking for a new addition to your privacy management portfolio? Give your clients the best possible privacy management experience by putting their privacy first and becoming a Privacy Champion.

Privacy Advocate

Discover your passion for privacy management

Do you have clients with information protection and privacy compliance needs? Managed Privacy Canada has privacy management solutions that will meet their needs at a reasonable rate. When you partner with MPC as a Privacy Advocate, you are channeling your passion for privacy by letting others know about the privacy management resource that will help them meet compliance standards and keep their information safe.

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