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The only privacy management solution that combines certified expertise with state-of-the-art technology for compliance management and data protection assurance.

Laptop screen showcasing Managed Privacy Canada's Privacy Compliance platform.

Privacy Compliance


Meet privacy standards and maintain a reputation of trust and integrity.


Adapt to your industry’s specific requirements.


Ensure you are meeting governance standards & mitigate risk.

Data Inventory


Know exactly what data you have.


Make data processing easy and understandable.


Simplified data flow mapping technology and Incident reporting functions describe how personal data is being collected and used.

Laptop screen showcasing Managed Privacy Canada's Data Inventory platform.
Laptop screen showcasing Managed Privacy Canada's Breach Response platform.

Breach Response


Automated data breach response process.


Scope of breach identified and details accurately gathered.


Detect impacted users and track the remediation process with timely notifications that keep you informed during the process.

Data Vault


Storage space for your most sensitive data.

Cloud Storage

Multi-cloud file-sharing and storage with multiple cloud location storage that keeps information available during outages.


Patented data distribution algorithm protects from ransomeware.

Laptop screen showcasing Managed Privacy Canada's Breach Response platform.
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Practical Privacy Playbook


Your Practical Privacy Playbook is a 1.5hr customized workshop with key deliverables:

Your Privacy Awareness Certificate
Data Protection Compliance Review
Your Privacy Management Calendar

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