Tourism Excellence: in service and personal data safeguarding!

July is Tourism and Hospitality Privacy month!

It’s so exciting to see that in Canada, in several provinces, funding has been put in place to resurrect the tourism and hospitality industry!

Looking at the tourism professionals’ messages on LinkedIn restores hope that perhaps we are heading towards a second half of the year with less pandemic news and more travel and leisurely activities.

The combination of modern technology, getting people back to restore excellence in service and getting restarted may be OK to handle for large organizations. Smaller organizations may feel overwhelmed:

  • Starting recruitment activities again
  • Training current employees to excel in service levels
  • Getting inventory and amenities ready
  • Scrambling to reassemble the supply chain 

This is why we think these Do’s and Don’ts might help smaller organizations:

…identify the minimum amount of information you need from candidates for one specific activity – employment for example…collect more personal information than you need, for example for training
….check your Contact Us form – because your CAPTCHA may not work and inquiries may not get to you…think that Privacy legislation doesn’t apply to you
….check your Privacy Notice if you post a form that collects personal information – for example offering training…ignore the stores of personal information (paper forms and applications count!)- protect them in transit and at rest
….define a candidate and then employee Onboarding process to avoid “spillage” of personal information….ask candidates to email their sensitive identification information via unencrypted email
…provide awareness into scams to your employees…let your employees share their employee management portal credentials 
…explain that sharing personal payroll or social media credentials are heavily used by scammers…respond to suspicious proposals, in particular when the industry is just recovering, as these may be ransomware
…make your employees aware of agencies pretending they will provide them access to employment records…take shortcuts when handling personal information of employees or guests, as the consequences can be serious!

Safeguarding personal information doesn’t mean just securing the confidentiality of personal information. It means collecting only what is necessary, using only for a specific and transparent reason and sharing the information only if absolutely necessary and with trusted (verified) third parties.

If your organization is looking for value and reinstating trust with your employees and guests, MPC has the expertise and a practical approach to help: with the Practical Privacy Playbook(™) – still available for only a few days at a discounted price. Review our social media posts for the discount code or contact us:


Email: [email protected]


Instagram: @managedprivacycanada

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