When you’re on vacation your head’s in the clouds (and so is your data)

July is hospitality privacy month

The hospitality industry is trying to restart and push away the worries surrounding the pandemic. Guests are apprehensive when travelling and they expect more accommodations from their hosts, whether they travel for business or pleasure.

More services and changes during travel means possibly collecting more information or making use of more to provide those additional or changed services.

But where does your data travel?

The hospitality and travel industries need to take advantage of the best-in-class cloud providers and the different services they have because of the massive amounts of guest and traveler information they work with day in and out.

As for guests, it is normal to relax while travelling or on vacation. No-one should not have to think about what is happening with their data:

  • Is it well protected when “in transit” or at rest?
  • Is it accessed only by a handful of people for that service?
  • Are the cloud service providers going to inform your hotel of a data leak or worse?
  • Are they “following” you through your data?

GLOBAL REPORT—Hackers continue to target the hospitality industry with sophisticated attacks on secured data. More than a dozen data breaches have been reported by hotels since 2010, affecting everything from major multinational corporations to single properties.

To support the efforts of hotels and other travel partner organizations, the Practical Privacy Playbook to make help organizations appropriately address the pandemic tourists and guests expectation of privacy. You have 2 more weeks to use the discount code HOSPITALITYPRIVACY to get yours now and gain access to privacy expertise Anytime Anywhere ™.

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